ThisIsMotown X All Worn Out

I’m pleased to introduce my final collaboration of the year with Stephanie Greene, also known as “Stephie G.”, the creator of Chicago-based blog All Worn Out.



Born, raised, and currently attending school in Chicago, Stephanie Greene started All Worn Out in 2011 and the fashion blog has expanded ever since. Her voice funny and fresh, she now invites friends to guest post, creates style wish lists, and most recently, traveled to Madrid for study abroad ~ I love that her pictures capture both Spain’s breathtaking architecture and her own individual style. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of University of Chicago’s own Blacklight Magazine, completely run by women of color (yaaasss) and dedicated to showcasing the stories, art, and spirits of marginalized students from across the country (*snaps until fingers fall off*). My favorite part of the new Comeback Edition is the piece and accompanying art “What Ferguson has Taught (Reminded) Us” on page 20 and 21.


We met through a mutual friend and when two fashion bloggers meet, isn’t a collaboration inevitable? We shot at the mutual friend’s house this past summer; the white garage and the wooden fence strung with lights provided such a cool aesthetic (kudos to my girl Maya). So after a few solo pics and group shots (aren’t my friends’ styles adorable?!?)….





…Stephie G. and I got to know each other. Without even meeting each other, we both wore black and white stripes! But I really liked our opposite but complimentary styles: me with mixing loud prints and she keeping it minimal but bold. Enjoy the candids and the not-so-candids, all shot by one of my other favorite G.’s… Abby G.!







Be sure to check out All Worn Out and click those share buttons down below!




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